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Care Home
Floor Plans & Views

second front elevation1.jpg

Front view from Pound Lane

Marble Surface


There are 32 car parking spaces at the basement level, in addition to the kitchen and a laundry room.

Basement plan.jpg
Marble Surface

First Floor

The first floor is dedicated to living space for those who will stay at the care home. Also on this floor there are a number of communal areas for residents to enjoy.

First floor plan.jpg
Marble Surface

 Ground Floor

Reception is based at ground level as well as access to communal lounge, cafe, gym and hydrotherapy.

Ground floor plan.jpg
Marble Surface

Second Floor

The second floor delivers great living in space for the residents of the care home. This floor has been reduced in size in order to lessen the impact on our neighbours.

Second floor plan.jpg
Back elevation.jpg

View from the back

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